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N scale trains remain popular

The N SCALE TRAINS layout has been one of the most popular since it was first released to the general public in the mid 20th century. This scale layout is well known and loved around the world because of its small size and wide range of rolling stock options, which have been used for many years as a good way of recreating some of the most iconic track layouts the world knows. A number of model railroad enthusiasts have used N scale to create extremely large track layouts that are amongst the most extensive and popular in the world, which would not have been able to be constructed had they been made with the larger scales that are readily available.

N scale models are manufactured in a universal way

The use of N scale has been made all the easier by the fact that the railroad layout was created in a way that was designed to increase its popularity. Manufacturers of other railroad layouts largely created their own coupling systems and track dimensions that forced buyers to look for their brand of track and rolling stock alone. The German creators of the N scale railroad layout decided the only way of making sure the new layout they were marketing became a success was to manufacture the track in a universal style. This meant they released details of their coupling and railroad systems to their competitors and agreed all products would be manufactured in a universal style to make it easier for customers to enjoy products from all brands. The N scale railroad quickly became a success and has remained so for a number of years.